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Private Credit U.S. and the Future of Mezzanine Finance Survey Results

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I recently moderated a panel at Private Credit U.S. that was charged with discussing the future of mezzanine finance. The conference was organized by the Institute for International Research and held in Chicago on September 28th and 29th.

We assembled an excellent panel of industry experts – Steve Blewitt, Senior Managing Director, Hancock Capital Management; Anthony DeLuise, Managing Director/ Head of Private Placement Group, Raymond James & Associates, Inc.; and John Sinnenberg, Chairman, Cyprium Investment Partners.

While each panelist has extensive experience in and tremendous insight into the mezzanine market, we felt it would be worthwhile to learn how mezzanine finance is viewed by others. Thus, we developed a questionnaire which was sent to nearly 250 institutional investors and the consultants who advise institutional investors asking their opinions on mezzanine funds both currently and prospectively.  The results were quite interesting, encouraging and, in some cases, surprising.

Future of Mezzanine Survey

Please click on the link above, which will take you to a brief summary of the results along with some light commentary. Please feel free to provide your own commentary and observations.

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