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03/11/2019 | Ironwood Insight
Ellen Stotler – Thank You for 25 Years of Loyalty, Diligence and Friendship

We are quite fortunate at Ironwood Capital to have attracted people who contribute to the firm at multiple levels, people whose personal values align with Ironwood’s and whose intellect and motivation add significant value to the firm. One who best brings those qualities, along with a sparkling personality, is Ellen Stotler, who is celebrating her 25th anniversary with Ironwood.

Ellen Stotler

Ellen Stoler, Vice President, Investment Operations, at Ironwood’s old Allyn Street office in Hartford , 25 years ago


Marc Reich, chairman and CEO of Ironwood reminisced, “I’ve known Ellen since she joined Aetna a few years after me.  I quickly recognized her as an exceptional, team-oriented professional.  After leaving Aetna to create Ironwood Capital, Ellen was on the short list of people we wanted to eventually bring to the firm.  We had our opportunity in 1994 and never questioned the decision.  She’s been a key part of our growth and transition ever since.”

Carolyn Galiette, Ironwood Capital president and chief investment officer and Ellen’s teammate for those 25 years shares, “Ellen’s hair is a little shorter now but her knowledge and ability to add thoughtful guidance and clarity to all of us at Ironwood Capital continue to grow.  Today, as it did then, her desk displays the abundance of her efforts and we are so thankful for her diligence, perseverance and friendship.”

Ellen Stotler, Vice President, Investment Operations, Ironwood Capital

Thanks for 25 great years, Ellen!