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11/30/2017 | Ironwood Insight
Homecoming Event for Ironwood Capital Interns

I was delighted to welcome a dozen former, current and soon-to-be Ironwood Capital interns for our annual intern luncheon this past Friday. We traditionally host the group the day after Thanksgiving, so we can catch up with them and they can meet and network with each other.

Marc Reich, Ironwood Capital CEO, hosts the annual Ironwood Intern Luncheon

Our interns are an important part of the Ironwood team. The intern position is a full-time semester-driven position populated by three or more students annually (Summer/Fall/Spring). The students are involved in everything we do, from watering the plants to writing deal intros. They sit in on our deal meetings and answer the phones, so they are learning all about our business while building their skill set and refining their thinking about the direction they want to take upon graduation. We make sure their experience at Ironwood is a true and valuable learning process, one we hope they look back on with appreciation, and we truly appreciate each of our interns and benefit from their involvement with us.

Once a student leaves Ironwood we do our best to stay in touch and encourage them to do the same. How proud we are to see the progress of our group, with so many going on to positions in private equity, corporate finance and investment banking! We wish all of our interns success and thank them again for their contribution to the continued success of Ironwood.