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12/03/2018 | Ironwood Insight
It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year- the Annual Ironwood Capital Intern Luncheon

My favorite event of the year is the Ironwood Capital Intern Luncheon held annually the day after Thanksgiving. It’s an opportunity to catch up on the lives and careers of many of our past interns, provide them an update on our activities and future plans and, most importantly, have them get to know one another.

We have interns throughout the year who fill a full-time working position which affords them the opportunity to learn the work of a private equity analyst while learning how a PE firm functions. This, of course, comes with the typical intern responsibilities of answering the phones, emptying the dishwasher and watering the plants.

Marc Reich, Ironwood Capital, hosting the annual intern luncheon

We’ve been fortunate to have had a truly impressive collection of interns over the years and feel it is important to keep them connected to Ironwood and have opportunities to meet other members of this special group. They’ve been very helpful when we’re seeking to fill new positions.  In fact, one member of this group will be joining us full-time after his May 2019 graduation.

Having shared a common experience, which in many cases helped inform their career choices, it’s good for them to network and many connections have been made. This group ranges from those who are deep in their careers to those seeking their first post-college position. Many of the interns have Connecticut ties so Thanksgiving is a convenient and practical time to get them together. But it’s also a far flung group with alumni all over the country and as far away as Australia (Hi, Jordan!). For those who can’t join us, we try to keep them connected via email and occasional calls.

Each year we catch up over lunch, then have what’s always a lively conversation around some selected topics of interest after which I excuse myself and let them talk. This has become the longest and, I believe, most productive part of the day.

I’m so pleased the Intern Luncheon has become an important Ironwood tradition and look forward to hosting many more. I could not be more proud of our wonderful group of former interns and hope to keep them close.