Intermediated Transaction Process

Ironwood Capital approaches each transaction as a partnership, whether between a financial intermediary or if Ironwood is working directly with the company.

Many larger middle market transactions are completed indirectly with the involvement of a financial intermediary. Others are concluded directly between companies and sources of capital. The direct versus indirect decision is unique to each company, its circumstances and the nature of the contemplated transaction. An indirect process may have some advantages in certain cases, while a direct transaction can be completed more quickly and often with less up-front cost. If “time-to-close” is important, direct may be most effective, and there will be little, if any, all-in savings achieved on an intermediated transaction.

Whether a company is pursuing a direct transaction or an intermediated one, we always stand ready to serve as a source of information and guidance and be a sounding board for middle market companies that are considering a financing.

Every deal starts with a conversation. Give us a call.