We have been committed to Impact Investing since 2001

Ironwood actively considers Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors in its investment decision making because we believe these considerations serve the interests of our companies, our investors and society at large.

Since our first fund in 2001, we’ve invested over 50% of our funds’ capital in Impact Investments.

  • esg-icon-owned Owned and/or managed by women and minorities
  • esg-icon-owned Supporting low- and moderate- income communities
  • esg-icon-owned “Green,” providing a positive environmental impact

Impact Investing

Ironwood Capital seeks to invest half of its capital in underserved and under supported businesses.

Impact investments must meet the same pricing and underwriting standards applied to all Ironwood investments.

Historically, the firm has invested over half of its capital in these areas, achieving favorable outcomes for all.

ESG Considerations

Ironwood actively considers Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors in its investment decisions, in an effort to serve the interests of both out investors and society at large.

Ironwood incorporates its ESG philosophy into its investment management process from deal origination and due diligence to portfolio management.

Proprietary ESG Rating Matrix

Applied to each new investment during due diligence, at close, and annually thereafter

The goal of Ironwood's Impact Investment strategy and ESG philosophy is to establish the following criteria as considerations when selecting and managing Ironwood's portfolio companies:

  • Endeavor to invest 50% of each fund's capital in Impact Investments
  • Provide healthy and safe working conditions for employees
  • Provide wages and benefits including healthcare that are adequate to maintain a stable workforce relative to industry and geography
  • Have proven management teams in place with adequate depth and succession plans
  • Establish boards that provide outside perspective and enhance oversight
  • Be environmentally conscious and responsible

Our ESG matrix informs the way in which we seek to enhance the socio economic, environmental and governance outcomes at each of our portfolio companies.

  • Ironwood's ESG Rating Matrix includes 16 assessment metrics relevant to our target portfolio company profiles
  • Ironwood role at the board level of every portfolio company as a member or observer provides a platform for advocating best practices
  • Ironwood actively seeks to improve ESG awareness and rating over the life of an investment