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We stand at the confluence of vision, opportunity and capital.

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The owners and employees of Ironwood Capital have devoted the past 30 years to constructing a firm based upon the identification and pursuit of mutually beneficial investment opportunities in middle market companies. We provide the capital that enables the owners and managers of companies to pursue opportunities to maximize the value of their companies. We are not a control investor, preferring to see management retain control. Successfully investing in strong companies with superior management produces investment returns for the insurance companies, pension funds, banks, endowments, etc. that have entrusted us with their capital as well as the management teams that we back. This is the delicate but durable alignment of interests on which our firm is based. We seek to maintain that balance with thoughtful underwriting, flexible but sound transaction structuring, timely execution and vigilant portfolio management. We pursue a generalist strategy, not limited by industry or geography, which permits us to pursue companies in a broad range of industries throughout the entire United States.  We seek to establish strong relationships with our management teams and equity investors based upon mutual trust and a shared vision for their companies. Our investment strategy provides the opportunity for our management teams to maintain maximum equity ownership. We provide support, advice and guidance at both board and management levels. We believe this collaborative approach leads to better outcomes.

Often overlooked, however, is that like all of our portfolio companies, we run a business. We have developed a shared vision, built a strategy around it and created the tactics to execute that strategy. We have faced competition, raised capital, navigated through challenging financial waters, coached and disciplined employees, met payroll in uncertain times, made strategic transitions and tactical adjustments and seen our company prosper beyond our wildest dreams.

We understand what you do.