Connecticut Investments

Ironwood Capital provides vital growth and transition capital to companies looking to expand existing operations in, or relocate to, Connecticut.

Since 2010, Ironwood Capital Connecticut has managed a nearly $100 million pool of capital focused exclusively on Connecticut-based companies ranging in developmental stage from early stage to established middle market companies, investing in all forms of capital including common and preferred stock, mezzanine finance and senior debt. This capital is available to support growth in companies seeking to expand existing operations in, or relocate to, Connecticut.

For established companies, we offer debt and equity investment ranging from $1 million to $10 million. Loan pricing and amortization are tailored to match each company’s needs. For companies producing positive cash flow, we offer solutions in the form of senior, stretch-senior or subordinated debt to complement a capital raise or to refinance existing debt which has matured or is about to mature. On a selective basis, we offer equity co-investment on a non-controlling basis. For later stage venture capital-backed companies, we offer venture debt and growth equity.

For early stage companies, Ironwood Capital Connecticut provides co-investments with other investors to support rapid growth. Early stage investments range from $40,000 to $1 million with a typical investment size of $150,000. These investments typically occur before a company has achieved the sustainable financial results necessary to attract debt or larger amounts of equity capital.

Investment Profile

  • COMPANY STAGE: Early Stage, Growth, or Late/Mature Stage
  • LOCATION: Connecticut (either 80% of employees or 80% of payroll paid)
  • NET INCOME: Less than $10 million
  • EMPLOYEE COUNT: Less than 250 employees
  • INDUSTRY: Agnostic, but with deep experience in information technology, business services, healthcare, financial services and manufacturing with strong interest in green technologies.
  • MANAGEMENT TEAMS: Committed, talented management teams with a clear alignment of interests
  • DEMONSTRATED COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES: Growing market share with sustainable margins or well-developed business strategy to take advantage of growing market opportunity